Finland.  Stunning scenery in this remote and beautiful region Lapland.  Great hosts, good food, lovely dogs, private trails.  6 days, 5 nights, 4 days on safari with your dog team.  Large log built wilderness cabin base with kota meals.  16th Dec 2018 to 31st March 2019.  Min 2, max 8.  £1245 per person

Please read.  No tour can guarantee you seeing the Northern Lights but these tours will give you a better chance than most!  They take place in an region of mainland Europe where the chances of seeing the Northern Lights are higher than almost anywhere else .

They are all run in Lapland and obviously the further north you go the better is your view of the Northern Lights but more importantly they are run in an area renowned for clear skies - hence a space station and specialist northern lights viewing facilities are based here.  The area is surrounded by Norwegian and Finnish mountains which tend to block out the lower clouds.

The safaris that run in the darker months of the year - November, December and January - will give you more hours in the morning and evening to get a clear viewing of the Aurora although February and March can be OK if you stay up late!  You can see the Aurora during daylight hours but obviously the effect is not as good!

However if you go on a long and expensive holiday just to see the lights you could come back disappointed ...... so we recommend you select a husky sledding adventure you prefer and have an great holiday for you to experience and enjoy and then sightings of the Northern Lights will be an added bonus .... so you won't return disappointed!

On organized specialist Northern Lights tours you will be taken out at night as a group to look for the lights ...... on these adventures it will be up to you to keep a look out and pop out of the cabin whenever you feel like it to scan the skies.  We habe added two trips from Northern Finland this year as they take place in a particularly onpen area - great for scanning the skies

Northern Lights Safaris

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Sweden.  Enjoy an exciting 2 day, 3 night wilderness husky adventure.   Based in  s imple cabins.  Suitable for families.   You choose your departure date - call and tell us when you want to go!!  Mid December to mid April.  Full board, 4 days & 3 nights, 2 days dogsledding, £725 per person, excluding flights.

Sweden.  Wonderful opportunities to see the Aurora during the dark polar nights, see the glittering snow, breathe pure air and a silence so intense you can almost hear it!  Overnight in simple cabins.  4th Dec to 9th April.  8 days, up to 6 days with huskies, from £1395 excl. flights.

Sweden.  Enjoy spectacular mountain scenery as this independent expedition crosses vast lakes, climbs mountain passes giving views of the Kebnekaise and more. Tough rewarding experience.  Stunning wilderness adventure.  28th Feb to 4th April 2019.  8 days, 6 with your huskies, £1525 plus flight costs.

Sweden.  Enjoy the spectacular scenery of the mountains on this expedition safari.  Overnights in cabins.  Tough but a rewarding experience.  Stunning wilderness adventure.  No experience required but be willing to try.  20th Feb to 3rd April 2019.  8 days, 6 with your huskies, £1545 + flight costs.

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Not many insurers offer dog sledding holiday insurance - so to make life easier we have found one that does!!

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And finally ...... if you're willing and able ..... as the Magnetic North Pole is in Canada the Aurora in Canada is particularly good .... the trips are good value - just the airfares are higher than to Scandinavia .

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